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Marvin Silbert and Associates are water-treatment consultants. To do their work, like all others in the field, need computer software. When it is not available and/or too expensive or inadequate, they write their own. Some of the software, we have written, has developed into a finished product. The programs are Excel spreadsheets loaded with tables and graphics and they are designed to do what we say they can do. They are available for purchase.

Click here for a brochure or on the "printouts" link for any of them to have a detailed look to see what they can do.

W -I N D E X

W-INDEX goes back to the original carbonate equilibrium equations to calculate the various carbonate scaling indices. It easily handles those high-pH situations where most calculations give erroneous results. Consider a water at a temperature of 12C with 2,000 ppm TDS, 585 ppm Ca, 495 ppm total alkalinity (all ppm as CaCO3) and a pH of 12.6. What value would you report? If you report a Langelier Index of 5.7 ± 0.1, you are with the majority and find this to be a very scaling water. You have justified your need for W-INDEX as this is not a scaling water and a value of -0.1 would be much more appropriate. If your value was -0.1, please accept our congratulations. W-INDEX estimates the scaling potential change as the water is cycled in a cooling tower or concentrated in the reject of a cooling tower. Add to this the Skillman index for calcium sulfate scaling and the Larson-Skold index for corrosion of carbon steel. W-INDEX provides an extensive graphics package to plot these variations and a complete carbonate equilibrium diagram to show you how dissolved carbonate species vary with pH. For any selected pH see where you are in the equilibrium and the concentrations of the individual species.

What can W-index do for you? Take a look at some printouts ... ordering information

C - T O W E R

C-TOWER performs all the standard cooling-tower calculations over a wide COC range and provides two reports and more than a dozen graphs. Calculations immediately react to the questions: What if I change a product's cost? ...dosage? ...or the system's flowrate? The calculations include both treatment products and water usage and you can insert your own costs. Set a maximum allowable alkalinity and the dosage of sulfuric acid needed will be calculated. C-TOWER does the calculations for the entire COC range possible within the system enabling you to fine tune a proposal or train new employees. By selecting a single COC value, you can compare water and product with higher and lower values to see where you get the maximum return from sharpening your pencil. Select metric, Imperial or US unit systems ... or mix them for those Canadian plants designed in Imperial units, working in US units and buying m of water and kg of products.

What can W-index do for your cooling tower? Take a look at some printouts ... ordering information

P h o s p h 8

Phosph8 does the various calculations needed to support a phosphate-based boiler treatment program. You need to enter your system pH and phosphate concentration. Phosph8 gives you the Na:PO4 ratio for that combination and plots the point on a family of Na:PO4 ratio curves. It also shows you how the ratios of TSP, DSP and MSP vary with pH and temperature.

Are you running a phosphate program on a high-pressure boiler? What can Phosph8 do for you? Take a look at some printouts ... ordering information

B o i l - B a l

Boil-Bal takes those simple chloride measurements that you did for your boiler and translates them into a something meaningful. How much water is lost in the system? How much of your fuel cost is lost? When you have this information, you can try to reduce your operating cost. Select metric, Imperial or US unit systems ... or mix them.

Do you want to reduce your fuel and water cost? What can BoilBal do for you? Take a look at a sample printout ... ordering information

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