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Marvin Silbert and Associates are Consulting Chemists who provide a variety of services, especially in the fields of Industrial Water Treatment, Training and Data Management. We are based in Canada and can operate freely within the USA and Mexico under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). We are also ready to go anywhere in the world where there is a problem waiting for a solution. Read below to see what we do; check our raison d'être and experience then give us a call to see how we can solve your problems. Contact us for more information or send us an e-mail and we'll be glad to send you detailed information related to your needs.


  • We provide design, start-up, operating and troubleshooting advice for the water systems used for cooling systems, boiler plants and water make-up & waste plants
  • We can handle the water in any system or plant no matter what type or size from small building HVAC systems to nuclear steam generators. 
  • We like to get our hands into things and are equally at ease working with designers or operators in a meeting room or on the plant site. 


  • Click here for details of our courses and workshops. We have developed a modular system that enables us to prepare customized training for any application or user including designers, operators and suppliers. 
  • Our industrial water treatment courses cover ALL aspects of water treatment including those less common subjects such as the Equilibrium Phosphate treatment and Radiochemistry and Gamma Spectrometry. 
  • We have incorporated our plant experience into a unique SPC course that includes both steady state and non-steady state operation.

Plant & Process

  • We provide assessments to optimize system performance and avoid problems.
  • If you have doubts, we can provide those valuable second opinions.
  • We can show you how to introduce SPC techniques to optimize plant operation and production or to apply process hazard analysis (PHA) techniques to water systems.

Manuals &

  • We can prepare any practical and effective documentation you might need to operate your process or advertize your products and services. Our capabilities include manuals, seminars and newsletters.
  • We have the technology to produce electronic manuals that can be distributed through the Web or operated on individual computers.


  • Click here for details or a DEMO of our water-treatment related software
  • We presented a special workshop last year and will be doing so again this year on Computer applications in water treatment at the Ultrapure Water Expo in Philadelphia. 
  • Marvin Silbert was Computer Review Editor for Canadian Chemical News / L'Actualité chimique canadienne for seventeen years and has also reviewed water-treatment software for Ultrapure Water.

a Chemist

  • Need an extra body to complete a project that must be done and you can't spare anybody? ... someone to fill in for a few weeks to cover for a sick employee? ... someone to help you staff your booth at a trade show or for a product demo?
  • Every plant needs its own plant chemist; few can afford one. We have the solution

Science Report

  • CRA (The Canada Revenue Agency) will provide large tax incentives to bonafide Canadian SR&ED. In some provinces over 40% of the costs can be recovered in the form of a cheque or tax credit.
  • The secret is being able to recognize what is SR&ED and write it up in a way that will show CRA what was done and why this work complies with subsection 248(1) of the tax act and is eligible. MS&A have been part of the ResDev Team since 2002 and with the restructuring in 2020 became part of the BeaconRD Team, and now devote most of our time to this endeavour.
  • We can write that science report for you and greatly increase your chances of getting that credit you deserve. We work closely with our accounting side and can do everything for you.

The Raison d'Ętre Behind Marvin Silbert and Associates

In spite of the potential risk, water chemistry tends to get a low priority in many industrial plants. Marvin Silbert and Associates began with the goal of providing plant operators with objective audits and recommendations of system performance to minimize costs and optimize the various processes or to perform those special projects that are needed, but not performed due to restrictions in staff availability. We also provide assistance to engineering teams in an area where they may need a little boost. One might say that we give industrial plant operators and designers a unique opportunity to time share their own Chemist or Chemical Engineer.

Over the years we have performed a wide range of industrial water-treatment projects ranging from building HVAC systems to nuclear steam-supply systems. We look at water systems from the point the water enters the plant until it is discharged. This ability to see the overview comes from a background of direct hands-on experience and gives us a distinct advantage as we can look for ways to reduce effluents and conserve energy by improving control on the influent and process water systems. We also assess the various environmental and safety aspects and can prepare audits.

Marvin Silbert and Associates are prepared to undertake projects you might have related to cooling, boiler or process water systems, environmental releases, safety and environmental audits. Our small size gives us a degree of flexibility and independence that larger organization can never have. It also enables us to look at each problem from a clean start without resorting to preconceived ideas and in the process we have come up with some rather innovative solutions. We are able to cover the entire spectrum from small HVAC systems to the biggest industrial systems and multi-unit fossil and nuclear generating stations.

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