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Industrial Projects  Canadian Electrical Association Project # 408G450, Identification and control of scaling in recirculating ash-disposal systems in coal fired generating stations (joint with Zenon Environmental Inc.): Presented at the International Water Conference, Pittsburgh (1986) and updated for the CEA/ Environment Canada Workshop on Environmental Aspects of Operating Thermal Generating Stations, Montréal (1988)

Collaboration with B&L Information Services to prepare state-of-the-art reviews: Powdered Activated Carbon Enhancement of the Activated Sludge Process (ISBN 0-920720-18-8), Treatment of Landfill Leachates (ISBN 0-920720-24-2), Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater (ISBN 0-920720-26-9).

Troubleshooting assignments with major HVAC Contractors and Property Managers. Preparation of standardized documentation for HVAC water- treatment systems for major blocks of buildings. This includes over 100 properties from coast to coast.

Preparation of a manual Energy conservation through improved water treatment, issued by Ontario Ministries of Health and Energy, ISBN 0-7729-2857-6, Queen's Printer for Ontario (1987). Distributed to all hospital engineers in Ontario.

Joined with Zenon Environmental and Concord Scientific for Canadian Electrical Association project #601G569, Review of environmental monitoring equipment for air, water and soil systems.

Joined with MacLaren PlanSearch to look at the application of Ontario's MISA (Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement) legislation to Ontario Hydro's nuclear and fossil stations. On our own, we checked how the TransAlta Utilities plants on Lake Wabamun would conform to impending Alberta legislation.

Evaluated steam generator chemistry options for major nuclear generating stations. The work done for Point Lepreau gen station was presented at the International Water Conference as paper IWC-88-34, A new look at phosphate vs AVT for nuclear steam generators, Pittsburgh (1988). It was updated for ASME Workshop on phosphate control in drum boilers, Pittsburgh (1990).

Joint paper with l'institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec and New Brunswick Power: The Chemistry of boiling: the CANDU steam generator / La chimie de l'eau bouillant: le générateur de vapeur CANDU, Can Chemical News, 41 #8, 12 (1989).

Collaborated with l'institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec to investigate sources of natural organic materials in water and methods for their characterization as a start to a study of their decomposition under steam-generator conditions.

Joined with MacLaren PlanSearch (Lavalin) to assist Stelco Inc. with the commissioning of the water systems in their new continuous casting machine at the Hilton Works in Hamilton.

Developed the computer program W-INDEX (Water scaling INDEX calculations) for determining the calcium carbonate scaling potential of waters under an extended range of conditions and CTOWER-1 for determining water & chemical usage in cooling towers. Both are used by a variety of water-treatment companies, industrial plants, designers and electrical utilities.

Performed assessments of water-treatment programs within the utilities departments at a variety of heavy industrial plants: Stelco, Sidbec-Dosco, Algoma Steel, Irving Pulp & Paper, Metro Toronto Main Treatment plant.

Provide assistance to TransCanada PipeLines, Ocean State Power, TransAlta Energy and Toronto District Heating with water systems in cogeneration and district heating plants.

Performed study of the state-of-the art with respect to benign methods for condenser cleaning within the major nuclear and fossil-fired electrical utilities. Project # 9115G898 for the Canadian Electrical Association.

Prepare on-going computer review columns in Canadian Chemical News and Ultrapure Water.

Training Projects

Marvin Silbert has taught at the university level and within Ontario Hydro's Nuclear Training Centre. As a consultant, he has also prepared and taught a number of relevant courses and workshops:

Training course, Modern Industrial Water Treatment, held at 1986 Southex Process Equipment and Instrumentation Show in Toronto: Lectured with Frank Crossland (IC Controls) & Henry Miyamoto (Lavalin)

Training course, Monitoring and controlling industrial processes / SPC, held at:

Training course on boiler chemistry for plant operators. Given at TransCanada PipeLines combined cycle plant at Nipigon ON

Training course for new water treatment plants built by Ecodyne for Bruce nuclear generating station and Mazandaran Wood and paper Industry (Sari Iran)

Training course on Equilibrium Phosphate Treatment for boiler plant operators. Given at Syncrude in 1995.

Training and set up of and spectroscopy systems for Aptec Engineering at FGL Laboratories, Santa Paula, Ca, Rabbit Lake Uranium Mine, Collins Bay, SK and AGT, Richland WA.

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